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By power-tuning your immune system, you can reverse the insidious immune-fat cycle. You can stop your immune fighters from working against you, and enlist them on your side to lose weight, and gain better health and greater energy. In order to break the vicious immune-fat cycle, you must understand how this catastrophic cycle gets started. The field of lipid immunology—the science of fat and immune health—is so revolutionary that it is still largely uncharted. But one thing is clear: millions of people out there continue doggedly to count calories, yet cannot lose weight. Recent studies sponsored by the National Science Foundation show that calories simply are not the key to weight loss that we once believed. The common pattern is well-known to every one who has ever tried to lose weight: an impressive initial weight loss followed by a long plateau of little or no loss. The reason for this is clear: without proper understanding of the key immune role in weight loss, you can't hope to break the insidious cycle that keeps you fat. There's no question that the immune-fat cycle is real, and that it works. I have seen well over three thousand patients like Diane who have had extraordinary results once they recruited their immune systems to help them lose weight. Those patients have shown for certain that there's a strong link between a strong immune system and a slim waistline. The evidence that excess fat directly, and severely, weakens your immune system is alarming and overwhelming. It means that: Fat people get sick more. Fat people suffer more debilitating headaches, joint pain, stomach upset, and skin problems. Fat people are more prone to depression, mood changes, fatigue, and lethargy. Fat people age faster and are more vulnerable to chronic debilitating diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Fat people have less energy, stamina, and resilience. In short, fat people become less healthy and stay less healthy because their immune system is less healthy.


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